Giovanni Alabiso

Weirdest places I have "borrowed" electricity

from to charge my phone:
1. Red Sox dugout at Fenway Park (Really!)
2. Waiting room at The Colbert Report
3. Larry David's Clear History movie set
4. New York and Boston Subway systems
5. Butterfly Garden of Museum of Science, Boston
6. Club seats at Boston Garden
7. Employee service area of Yankee Stadium
8. Hall of Biodiversity at American Museum of Natural History, NYC
9.  Function room for Ancient Alien lecture by Girogio Tsoukalos
10. The haunted USS Salem at Quincy Shipyard. 
11. 4H Barn at Topsfield Fair Groun

Performance Calendar

Aug 5 at Last Comix Standing Comntest at Foxwoods Casino (standup) 8:00 p.m.

Aug 7 at Splash in Salisbury (standup) 7:00 p.m.

Aug 14 at Oniontown Variety Show, Taplley Hall in Danvers, MA (standup) 7 p.m.

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